We are a group of athletes. And we'd like to welcome newcomers to our ever-growing community! There are three different tiers for you to enjoy! Do you have what it takes to become a Fut 5 Athlete?

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    Competition at the highest level.
    One goal knockout, park style.

  • Fut 5 ATHLETE

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    Welcome to
    Fut 5


At Fut 5 we offer a variety of services for Athletes to enjoy. If you live Football Soccer, there's something for you here.

Parties @ 5ive

Book Your Fut5ive Field For Your Next BirthDay Party! Call Now For More Info

5ive Academy

We offer a great school that will teach your children the values, tools and mindset that will help them excel on the field and in life. U16 $150 Registration (Includes Uniform) $150/month 8 classes/month


By far the highest level of competition is found in ‘Knockout’ and teams defending the turf. One goal knockout play. Only the best prevail.

5 v 5

The classic. Gather up your rowdy crew and enjoy

Fut 5 code

Own the Turf. Make your Mark. Own the Net. Fair Play. Respect.


No refs, means fair play. And while we respect each other, fair play means respecting the game and honoring it by playing it true.


It begins and ends with mutual respect. We are athletes. Each of us with work and sweat and hour laid on the turf. We are brothers in this. And though some rise higher than others, in this regard we are equal. As such, we respect each other’s hard work and talent on the turf.


This is what it’s all about. Showcase what you got! Seek the glory you crave. Set your mark, own the net, and OWN THE TURF!


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    Tel: (954) 957-FUT-5


    111 Grand Palms Drive
    Pembroke Pines FL, 33027

    Monday - Sunday
    11am - Midnight